1Accountability In Nursing And Midwifery Nursing
2Oxford Handbook In Midwifery (2)
3Oxidative Stress In Applied Basic Research And Clinical Practice
4Interpreting Professional Self-Regulation
5Buku Bagan Manajemen Terpadu Balita Sakit (MTBS)
6Petunjuk Teknis Layanan Depresi
7Petunjuk Teknis Pencegahan Dan Pengendalian Gangguan Mental Emosional
8Pedoman Tata Kelola Penyelenggaraan Upaya Kesehatan Jiwa
9Buku Saku Desa Tangguh Covid-19
10Potret Pendidikan Tinggi Di Masa Covid-19
11A Clinical Guide To Management Of Overweight And Obese Children And Adults
12Visible Learning And The Science of How We Learn
13Pedoman Umum Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia 4
14Teknik Menyusun Manuskrip Dan Publikasi Ilmiah Internasional
15Nursing Diagnoses Definitions And Classification 2021-2023 (12)
16Community And Public Healt Nursing
17Community As Partner 6
18A Textbook Of Community Nursing (Hodder Arnold)
19A Textbook Of Community Nursing 2 (Routledge)
20Population And Community Health Nursing 6
21Oxford Handbook Of Primary Care And Community Nursing
22Family Health Care Nursing Theory Practice And Research 5
23Public Health Nursing : Promoting the Health Of Populations 6
24Community/Public Health Nursing : Promoting The Health Of Populations 7
25Community And Public Health Nursing Promoting The Public's Health (2018)
26Community And Public Health Nursing 5
27Community Health Care Nursing
28Public Health Nursing : Population-Centered Health Care in The Community
29AACN : Essesials Of Critical Care Nursing
30Clinical Application Of Mechanical Ventilation (4)
31Essential Fluid Electrolyte And PH Homeostasis
32Critical Nursing Care Made Incredibly Easy! (3)
33ACCCN's Critical Care Nursing (2)
34Principles Of Critical Care (4)
35Critical Care Notes Clinical Pocket Guide (2)
36AACN Essentials Of Critical Care Nursing (Pocket Handbook)
37Evidence-Based Critical Care (3)
38Cardiac Nursing
39Critical Care Nursing : Demystified Hard Stuff Made Easy
40Textbook Of Critical care (6)
41Making Sense Of The ECG
42The Female Electrocardiogram
43Advances In Electrocardiograms - Clinical Applications
44Starting To Read ECG's : The Basic
45Making Sense Of The ECG : Cases For Self Assesment
46Basic Electrocardiography Normal And Abnormal ECG Pattern
47ECG's For Beginners
48Twelve-Lead Electrocardiography : Theory And Interpretation (2)
49E-Z ECG Rhythm Interpretation
50Rapid ECG Interpretation (3)
51ECG Interpretation-The Self Assessment Approach
52Always at Your Side... ECG Notes Interpretation And Management Guide
53ECG's For The Emergency Physician
54ECG Inteprestation From Pathophysiology to Clinical Application
55ECG Interprestation For Everyone An On-The-Spot Guide
56ECG Interprestation Made Incredibly Easy! (5)
57Making Sense Of The ECG Cases Of Self Assessment
58Podrid's Real-Word ECG : A Master's Approach to The Art And Practice Of Clinical ECG Interpretation
59ECG By Ecample (3)
60The 12 Lead ECG In The Elecation Myocardial Infarction
61The Practice Of Electrocardiography
62Fast Facts For The ER Nurse
63Emergency And Critical Care Pocket Guide
64Critical Care Emergency Medicine
65Adult Emergency Medicine At A Glance
66Emergency Medicine, Clinical Essentials
67Trauma : A Comprehensive Emergency Medicine
68An Introduction To Clinical Emergency Medicine
69Prehospital Emergency Care
70ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine
71Skill Checklist For Fundamental Nursing
72Nursing Diagnosis Handbook : Evidence Base Practice
73Nursing Interventions Classification 6 (NIC) - Mosby
74Nursing Diagnosis : Aplication To Clinical Practice
75Medical-Surgical Nursing Demystified
76Nursing Care Plans (9) Guidlines For Individualizing Client Care Across The Life Span
77Medical Surgical Nursing : Concepts For Interprofessional Collaboration Care
78Medical Surgical Nursing : Critical Thinking For Person Centred Care (3)
79Medical Surgical Nursing : Assessment And Management of Clinical Problem (Mosby)
80Nursing Diagnosis Manual : Planning, Individualizing, And Documenting Client Care (3)
81Nanda (2015) Nursing Diagnoses : Definitions And Classification 2015-2017
82Davis's Diseases And Disorders : A Nursing Therapeutics Manual
83Manual of Nursing Practice Pocket Guide : Medical-Surgical Nursing
84Cardiac Nursing
85All In One Nursing Care Planning Resource : Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Maternity, And Psychiatric
86Introductory Medical Surgical Nursing (10)
87Medical Surgical Nursing
88Understanding Medical-Surgical Nursing
89Clinical Companin For Medical Surical Nursing Patient-Centered Collaboration-Care
90Macleod's Clinical Examination
91Physical Examination Procedures For Advanced Nurses And Independent Prescribes : Evidence And Rationale
92Pocket Guide For Nursing Health Assessment : A Best Practice Approach
93Canadian Bates' Guide To Health Assessment For Nurses
94Contemporary Nursing : Issues, Trends, And Management (Mosby)
95Nurse To Nurse : Nursing Management
96Nursing Leadership And Management : The Advanced Practice Role
97Nursing Leadership And Management For Patient Safety And Quality
98A Beginner's Guide To Evidence-Based Practice In Health And Social Care (2)
99Evidence Based Practice : Model And Guidelines (2)
100Encyclopedia Of Nursing Research (3)
101Understanding Nursing Research : Building An Evidence-Based Practice (6)
102Introduction To Nursing Research : Developing Research Awareness
103Introducing Research And Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses
104Research Methods For Nursing And Healthcare
105Canadian Essentials Of Nursing Research (3)
106Nursng Research Using Data Analysis : Qualitative Design And Method In Nursing
107Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing And Healthcare : A Guide To Best Practice
108Understanding Research For Nursing Students
109Essentials Of Nursing Research (7) Appraising Evidence For Nursing Practice
110Resource Manual For Nursing Research : Generating And Assessing Evidence For Nursing Practice (9)
111Evidence-Based Nursing : The Research Practice Connection
112Statistics For Advanced Practice Nurses And Health Professionals
113Measurement In Nursing And Health Research (4)
114Impoving Health Through Nursing Research
115The Royal Marsden Manual Of Clinical Nursing
116Lippincott's Nursing Procedures (6)
117Clinical Nursing Skills : A Nursing Process Approach (3)
118Mosbys Pocket Guide To Nursing Skills And Procedures
119Study Guide For Fundamental Of Nursing (8)
120Fundamentals Of Nursing (8)
121Bate's Nursing Guide To Physical Examination And History Taking
122What You Need To Know Now
123Pathophysiology Of Nursing Demystified : Hard Stuff Made Easy
124Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Visual! (2)
125Pathophysiology : A Practical Approach
126Handbook Of Pathophysiology (4)
127Pathophysiology Of Heart Disease (5)
128Fundamentals Of Applied Pathophysiology : An Essential Guide For Nursing And Healthcare Students (2)
129Essentials Of Pathophysiology
130Human Physiology From Cells To Systems (9)
131Seeley's Essentials Of Anatomy And Physiology (9)
132Children And Young People's Nursing Principles For Practice (2)
133Nursing Care Of Infants And Children
134Wound Care Essentials : Practice Principles
135Wound Mangement In Urgent Care
136Essential Microbiology For Wound Care
137Clinical Guide To Skin And Wound Care (7)
138Fast Facts For Wound Care Nursing : Practical Wound Management In A Nutshell
139Psychology Of Wounds And Wound Care In Clinical Practice
140Fundamental Of Nursing

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